Here’s My Story.

Vivid recollections and delightful anecdotes show us how the power and generosity of the human spirit come together to make real life miracles happen. An inspirational story of the journey through liver transplant surgery. Contains practical recommendations for those with health challenges and models of resilience for anyone who has ever asked, “Why me?”, “What now?” and “Can I handle this?”

“Sharon is definitely ‘Not Done Yet…‘ as shared in this inspiring and faith based story of her not just surviving but truly thriving with the gift of a donated liver.  Filled with practical advice for those who follow with their own medical challenges, her testimony is rich in lived life experiences that will give much needed hope for her readers.” – Jim Gleason, 20 year heart transplant recipient and president of Transplant Recipients International Organization

A compelling story that provides evidence that every day, even at death’s door (and beyond), there are powerful forces available to help and miracles in the making.

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