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Silver Linings Playbook

Lately I’ve spent a great deal of time talking friends and relatives down from the ledge of anxiety and despair. So many are having extreme difficulty with the overwhelming number of calls to action and requests for donation from worthwhile organizations representing people and causes threatened by the new administration. We are caring, competent seniors who remember fighting earlier battles […]

The Inside Moves The Outside

In the golf instruction I took years ago The Inside Moves The Outside referred to the – ping! – success which resulted from allowing the power and torque of your core muscles to radiate out through your limbs and connect to the ball with force and accuracy. Yesterday in a free workshop by Dementia Care Advocate Teepa Snow I saw a whole new application of this principal. 

Pillow Talk

Do you remember your dreams? Last night I had a wonderful dream. I’ll tell you about it shortly, but first I’ll tell you why I pay attention to my dreams. For about a year before my transplant surgery, my dreams became so vivid and had such staying power that I began to transcribe them in a dream journal each morning. […]