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Who’s Gonna Need Me, Who’s Gonna Feed Me….?

A while ago a major brand, maybe Nestle or Procter and Gamble, I can’t remember; anyway, some company sponsored a contest on the theme “Unfulfilled Dreams.” Entries had to be the creative expression of  something you’d always hoped for, but had never attained. My submission was a poem illustrated by a background collage. The unfulfilled wish was to have a communal nest […]

Mother please, I’d Rather Do It Myself

Remember when you were a youngster dreaming of adulthood? Couldn’t wait till you were in charge of your own life. Did you play teacher? Did you imagine yourself becoming a sports star, an astronaut, a parent? How those dreams influenced our educational and early career choices. Do you remember later on how much time you spent researching and planning for […]

Pillow Talk

Do you remember your dreams? Last night I had a wonderful dream. I’ll tell you about it shortly, but first I’ll tell you why I pay attention to my dreams. For about a year before my transplant surgery, my dreams became so vivid and had such staying power that I began to transcribe them in a dream journal each morning. […]