What To Do?

From April through the summer, my eighty-nine year old mom seemed to be failing. My brother Josh and I saw distinct changes in her behavior. She was withdrawn, would not interact with family who made special efforts to visit, would not speak to friends when we took her to their home for tea, was sleeping or staring into space at […]

Build Your Local Caregiver Network

LOTSA HELPING HANDS powers online caring Communities that help restore health and balance to caregivers’ lives. Their service brings together caregivers and volunteers through online communities that organize daily life during times of medical crisis or caregiver exhaustion in neighborhoods and communities worldwide. It’s free and seems easy from the testimonials posted on their site. Caregivers benefit from the gifts […]

Michael: Willen and Able

    During those pre and post transplant years, whenever I’d express concern about the stress my illness was putting my husband Michael through, friends and family always said, “You’d do the same for him if the tables were turned.” It’s undoubtedly true, but that in no way diminishes the appreciation I have for all the physical and emotional energy […]