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Taking Inventory

November 20, 2015, is the ninth anniversary of my liver transplant. Almost a decade into Act 2. That’s almost as long as my first career in public education on Long Island, half as many years as I worked in corporate settings, and longer than my tenure in economic development at the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce. It’s twice as long, […]

A Brave New Old Age

Recently, I’ve been part of a support group of peers coping with the challenges surrounding our parents’ last years and even the unexpected loss of relatives and friends of our own generation. Experiencing so much decline and loss in such a relatively short time has really made an impact on me, especially since it coincides with growing evidence that my […]

Remembering the Past, Looking Forward

When the mountain mornings grow crisp, the hummingbirds feed more diligently to prepare for their long journey, and the school buses slow down the morning and afternoon rush hour, I always remember earlier decades when my life shifted more dramatically as the season changed. As a youngster, autumn meant new shoes for school, if necessary, and a new dress or […]