The Big Tent

In many ways a family is like a circus. There are talented performers and clowns. Moments of danger, laughter, awe, and – sometimes – a side show filled with things unexpected or rarely seen. What makes a circus entertaining and wonder-full is all that amazing diversity gathered under one big tent. In our family, the big tent is a spirit […]

Stay in Touch

Mom lives in New York, at least a day’s trip by air from my home, most often a two day journey by car. It’s just not possible to be in the same room with her as often as I’d like. I’m always on the lookout for ways to connect between visits, beyond my daily phone calls and intermittent Skype visits. […]

Maintaining Independence in Old Age

My friend Anne went off on vacation with her husband hoping to enjoy a week in the sun, away from the harsh 2014 winter. In addition to her other luggage, she had the burden of carrying her concern for her 89 year old mother and 97 year old step dad. The elderly couple finally agreed to move out of their […]