Beginning Anew

If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, I appreciate it if you’ll follow me at I’ve decided to take a new direction with my writing and art. Join me in this joyous transition. This website will go offline on or around October 15, 2019. Thank you for all your support and comments.


A Formula for Personal Success

“I’m working to build an alternative model of aging in place for older adults who can’t afford or don’t want to live in a managed continuing care community.” That’s what I told a friend who’s feeling a bit bored and recently asked how I spend my days. I know, you thought I was retired. True (I also paint and read […]

Falls prevention is a team effort

Fall for Falls Prevention

One slip can ruin your life. Review these tips on Falls Prevention and be part of this month’s national campaign to help you stand up for yourself.

How to Ensure the Time of Your Life

This time of year has not always been the best time for me. Not because summer’s over and the days grow shorter and cooler. It’s more that I’ve experienced the onset of disease and several significant life disruptions in the autumn months. However, in 2006 I experienced the life-saving miracle of a liver transplant. Autumn is my time to reflect […]

coordination of care is a wise investment

Human Assets Appreciate

Providing customers with what they need when they need it is such a wise investment that new “just in time” startups arise every day. Coordination of efforts requires teamwork, integrated computer and human systems. Man or Machine – Make a Wise Investment Decision Perhaps it’s my human resource development background pushing the lever, but I vote for investing in people. […]

Let's turn "me" think into "we" think.

Thinking About Labor

US Labor Statistics signal higher costs and more difficulty for hiring managers – and consumers. Home health care will be especially hard-hit. The Scope of Our Needs “Help Wanted: The gap between job openings and the number of people looking for work continues to grow as birthrates fall and more workers retire. Employers say they need more immigrants for their businesses to […]