A Bit of Light Can Make All The Difference

What do you expect to be doing with your time when you’re 90 years of age and beyond? In the dark about this? Don’t focus on possible limitations or what you have to do. Think about the strengths you bring to the world today and what you have in you to offer for as long as you live. Master Artist Carlos Cruz-Diez is an enlightening example.

At 95 years old, Franco-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez is still intent on opening eyes around the world. He’s still vigorously pursuing his life’s work: exploring new horizons in how we experience and think about color. Watch this video from Adobe Creative Cloud to learn more about how he thinks and creates, and to see how his art continues to push the boundaries of perception.

Watch “Art works,” a short film written by Laurence Serfaty and directed and edited by Francisco to be amazed by the beauty, imagination and scope of Cruz’ work.

Let your light shine. Keep your own eyes open to the future and your place in it.