Whatever the Question, Community's the Answer

Sharon Willen

I'm Always willen

If you are an individual or a community group ready to take next steps toward a lifestyle that will help you stay safe, well and engaged with others throughout your life, message me!

Everyone has a friendship circle; not everyone has found theirs. I've been spearheading intentional communities, women's groups, and neighbor-to-neighbor networks for fifty years.

Let me help light a heart lamp within yours. 

I created the  Got Your Back Network to empower older adults who want to age independently in their homes. We are clearly capable of controlling our own destinies, given the proper resources. Self-determination is what we want and we have the spirit to make it so. Right? This website, Friendship Tonic, is devoted to keeping that spirit alive.

Contributors include members of the greater Got Your Back Network. People too young to worry about aging, but mature enough to prepare. Together with my network, I share the how to and who's who that can help you turn your neighborhood into a community.

Whether you're 50+ or you care about (or for) someone 50+, subscribe to Friendship Tonic for a regular dose of wisdom and positive energy from a wide range of sources. 

Every day's a gift. Let's enjoy each one together, everyday along the timeline.

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