Whatever the Question, Community's the Answer

Sharon Lamhut Willen

I created Friendship Tonic because I believe there's too much social media emphasizing our differences. I post about what we have in common. Our humanity. Our strengths and vulnerabilities. And the many ways people can and are healing the world.

My hope is that you'll enjoy the positive energy Friendship Tonic delivers. Please subscribe for a regular dose and participate in a great circle of friends by sending your own words and images. 

As a liver transplant recipient (2006!), I'm enthusiastic about the opportunity to grow older. Every day's a gift. Let's enjoy each one together.

I'm Always willen

If you are an individual or a community group ready to take next steps toward a lifestyle that will help you stay safe, well and engaged with others throughout your life, message me! Everyone has a friendship circle; not everyone has found theirs. I've been spearheading intentional communities, women's groups, and neighbor-to-neighbor networks for fifty years. 

Let me help light a heart lamp within yours. 

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