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sit with your thought


Do I want to live in a multi-generational community or choose to live among only my peers? How long can I stay in the house that is now my home? What if my health changes dramatically? What if my husband passes away? Will I have sufficient funds or wind up eating cat food? How am I going to get around town when I can’t drive myself? Who’s going to change my sheets when I can’t lift the mattress any longer? What if I’m healthy and capable for several decades more? Will I regret it if I let fear motivate me to jump the gun on these decisions? Do I want to share a living space with others? How much do I value independence? Interdependence? Stimulation? Peace and quiet? Do I want to make a pro-active change? When? Where? How? And if I don’t? Then what? So many conflicting thoughts, no easy template to follow, and the days creep on.

I offer you just a fraction of the reading and exploration I’ve found useful in helping me surface a more clear image of the elder I want to be and the environment in which she will thrive. Click on the links below. New info is added on a regular basis. Please share your thoughts and discoveries with me as well, we’re all in this together.

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