Always Believe In Miracles

When I was a teenager I decided to attend a Rabbi’s study group at our synagogue to learn more about my Jewish religion. I remember being the youngest of all the participants and feeling both happy to be proving myself so “mature” and nervous about joining in the discussion. The one time I did speak up was when we were reading about ancient prophets and miracles.

Although it seemed like a naive question, even to me, I couldn’t keep from asking, “How come we don’t still hear about prophets who communicate with God? Why don’t we see modern miracles?”

The answer I got was something cloudy about mystery and faith, and frankly it sounded to me like, “Don’t ask questions that are hard to answer.” My interest in the study group diminished, but not my interest in spirituality.

Over the years I’ve learned of many prophets we called by other names. Religious people who have shared their visions of how humanity can best achieve a serene and harmonious existence. Wise men and women in the fields of science and philosophy and, yes, even politics, who have offered us warnings and guidance to direct our actions toward positive outcomes. Modern prophets? If you like.

What about miracles? In my world they’re evident all the time. I notice them because I’m open to seeing them, since I’ve been granted a miracle, but even before. See for yourself: The miracle of love, how else can you explain those feelings that bind us separate entities to one another? The interconnectedness of all creation on this planet – how it’s really just one complex system that allows life as we know it to flourish. The rotation of the seasons, giving us time to produce and time to rest. Are these not miraculous?

The fact that we humans, such vulnerable creatures, are healthy most of the time. This everyday resilience of our bodies is a kind of miracle, not to be taken for granted, right? And let’s extend our search for miracles. I think the longevity we enjoy in Western society is in part based on our ability to transmit and build on what we have learned over the decades, developing skills and new tools and potential. See if this video doesn’t make you say, “Wow, that’s a miracle.”


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