Giving With Care

Good grief, it’s November already. Veterans Day–A time to give thanks to those who have served. Thanksgiving Day–A time to be grateful for all we’ve been given. And the beginning of the season of giving–many parties, many gifts.

This video features an eco-friendly, Furoshiki, way to wrap a gift, an idea that will appeal to those who care for the planet as well as their friends and family. No paper needed. A lovely fresh piece of fabric is used in the demo, but be creative – you could use a clean old T-shirt cut apart or deconstruct some other garment you’ve been keeping in the back of your closet and wondering why. (Last autumn I made a terrific purse out of fabric from an old pair of summer pants and the lovely beaded hem of an old skirt that never felt right on my body.)

The demonstration is how to wrap a couple of bottles of wine, but you could stand out from other party hostess gift-givers and watch out for your friends’ health by substituting a jar of quality oil and herb infused vinegar (or indulge their sweet tooth with a couple of tall tins of homemade cookies.)

Going into the holiday tumult, remember to take care of yourself, care for those around you, and be mindful of Mother Earth as well.