Another New Beginning


Today is my birthday, and I knew it was going to be a good one several days ago.

Every weekend I select two little angel cards from a plentiful pack. Look what turned up this past Sunday.

Never before have I pulled two blanks!

I knew right away that a blank can mean, well, anything is possible.  I chose to see this most unusual occurrence  as a good omen.

As a 67 year old, seven year liver transplant survivor, surrounded by love and living in the land of Carolina blue skies—how could I expect otherwise?

I’ve said it many times, I believe I sit in God’s palm.

There have been times when I wished my birthday came in any other month. March weather can be so quixotic and, although we can see hints of Spring, the blueberry bush offering tiny buds, for example…

…the bluebirds staking their claim at the box we cleaned up in preparation for their nesting season, and their larger cousins, the wild turkeys, swapping “productive” thoughts as well…

Wild turkeys strutting

In spite of all these signs of Spring, it’s really two more months before “the season of yellow and pink and white,” as my husband calls it. But today IS Spring for me – 70 degree sunshine is predicted, no need to work on my now published book, and I have right brain drawing lessons (begun yesterday) to incorporate into my muscle memory through practice, practice, glorious meditative practice. Life is good when everyday is a blank slate, a new beginning, don’t you agree?


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