Build Community Ties and Keep Them

To build community among our neighbors we have to get people to come out and mix it up. The best communities are those where people recognize each other. Sometimes we know one another’s faces, but that’s all. We may nod and smile seeing those faces, and still not know their names nor anything about them. Here’s one super way to encourage people in your neighborhood to reveal their unique attitudes, creativity, and sense of humor – from the inside out. Window Wonderland will also give people an instant focus for sharing experiences and opinions with each other. Who knows, they might even swap names, contact info and invite each other into their homes.

Build Community through street art. Build Community through street art.

Window Wanderland 90 seconds from Lucy Reeves on Vimeo.

I discovered Window Wonderland while browsing for a Halloween e-greeting to send to my grandkids. If you haven’t already subscribed to Jackie’s e-card service, occasionally sending one of her artistic, often humorous, always touching animated greetings is another way to strengthen bonds with your long distance community.