Celebrating Cousin Betty


The Pickle Jar in Philosophy Class

This video was submitted by my cousin Betty, a very positive influence in our world. She and her husband brought her parents into their home when the aging couple could no longer care for themselves in Florida. She was caregiver to her Dad when he was a widower with Alzheimer’s Disease. She was a dedicated support person for her sister Carol as she struggled with cancer. Then Betty managed her own feelings to turn her attention to her other sister, Sandy–Carol’s twin–as they coped with their mutual loss. Betty is an on-call, at-the-spur-of-the-moment kind of mother and grandmother. I guess all her experience explains why she’s been so helpful to me coaching me on the ups and downs of being in the sandwich generation.

After reading my description of my exemplary cousin and watching the video she forwarded, I’m sure you’ll agree, Betty knows how to fill a jar.