Ready and Willen

Pucker Up PinksmlI have been given so much. Now it’s my turn to give back. Every week I offer practical tips and motivational ideas for people ages 60+ through consulting services and my blog posts, which appear on the home page for your convenience. Subscribe now to receive each new item directly through email.

Here are two other ways I’ve chosen to honor my donor’s memory:

1. I’m happy to be a resource for those struggling with the possibility of transplant surgery in their future, because I know how valuable it was for me to be able to speak with organ recipients prior to my own. If you or someone you care about needs ideas or a sounding board, please contact me.

2. I am also pleased to be called on to share the motivational lessons and spiritual perspective gained through my transplant experience through a thirty minute presentation called “I’m Not Done Yet–And Neither Are You.” It touches on life, death, survival and beyond, and gives me the opportunity to encourage organ donation. It is appropriate for community and religious groups of all sizes.

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