A Friend of a Friend of a Friend

I’ve never met Janice Mason Steeves, but she’s making a big impact on how I’m choosing to live life. She’s a teacher at Cullowhee Arts, where I’ve studied multiple times. She’s also close friends within a shared network of artists. Janice’s impressive body of work is “concerned with using light and colour in a way that offers space for reflection and contemplation.” It’s not only her meditative art technique that’s influencing me, however. Janice chose to pursue a career in art “late-in-life,” after success in another unrelated field. Writing in her blog about this, Janice reinforces my self-confidence in choosing to develop art mastery in my own power years.

The Undeniable Desire to Communicate

A writer, an artist, and a role model for choosing to live life fully and share it freely. Isn’t it wonderful how human creativity continues to innovate ever new ways to connect with one another’s minds and hearts? Janice’s blog post today, Choosing Life, speaks to that sturdy, splendiferous essence of the human spirit. Our deeply-embedded urge to communicate. From cave art to the alphabet, to music and dance notation, the printing press, graffiti, Morse Code, Rap and the Internet. Our mark-making instinct pushes us in new directions, sometimes separating and more often bringing us together. Please read Janice’s post. I trust you’ll enjoy every bit of it, including the poem that follows Janice’s comments. And let me know what you feel about all this.

Blue, green, gold art work