Come Together…Right Now

A seminal moment – one that is so original, so groundbreaking and awesome that it will influence everything that comes after it. A driving force.

An ovular moment – one that is so rich in creative and life-sustaining potential that when stimulated it gestates and gives birth to something entirely new. The essence of creative potential.

I have heard the massacre in Orlando referred to as “a seminal moment.” That’s just not true. It wasn’t original, groundbreaking or awesome. We’ve seen the likes of it before in Tucson, Charleston, Sandy Hook, San Bernadino, and around the world as well. Did response to this horrific incident break new ground? No, our esteemed senators made the same choice they’ve been making for fifty years, voting as the NRA pays them to rather than to represent the 90% of Americans who agree that enacting some additional common sense gun control measures is appropriate. The murders in Orlando were no more “seminal” than the violence that has erupted from pent up anger and frustration at political rallies this summer.

Really people, don’t we need more than the spewing of seeds of hatred? Don’t we also need the more receptive, old-fashioned political compromise that held within it the creative potential which actually moved our society forward?

Over the past several years we’ve been a polarized nation; every major election finishing up at or close to 49-51. Perhaps this increasing divergence is a natural process, necessary for the birth of a new way of life. Let’s reflect on how human life begins in the microscopic arena to discern lessons for ourselves on the macro-level. After all, isn’t “coming together” the optimal goal?

In appearance and processes egg cell and sperm are mutually antagonistic, each others opposite. Large versus small, internally – versus externally active, old versus young, concentration versus expansion, etc. During maturation of these gametes two cells are formed which differ maximally and seem to go to extremes in their individuality. The development and maturation show increasing divergence, a process of polarization.

When they are mature, ovum and sperm can come together and resolve the polarity in a conception, so that a new human being can be born, that has all the cell shapes that lie between the two extremes. If not, there is no viability, and then they die.

egg cell sperm
size largest cell smallest cell
shape round straight
inner mobility mobile cytoplasm rigid nuclear material
outer mobility passive active
metabolism active little activity
openness yes no
number one millions
produced in the ovary, inside the body testes, outside the body
temperature warm relatively cold
when formed before birth from puberty
age old young
formed from – until before birth – menopause puberty – death
maturation increasing volume decreasing volume
life span short long
storable no yes

I’ll repeat for emphasis: When mature the sperm and the ovum “come together and resolve the polarity in a conception…that has all the cell shapes that lie between the two extremes. If not, there is no viability, and then they die.” We need this kind of complex resolution process in our society and it doesn’t seem likely that it will be catalyzed by elected officials at any level of government.

The pre-conception attraction complex is a process that takes time. Both cells have to be prepared and to change to make them receptive for the other cell.

Ask yourself, are you prepared to make a change that favors someone whose values differ from yours? To give up something or give way to reach an agreement with someone who has different needs from yours?

The cells interact and they change each other. Whether the fusion succeeds is uncertain, that depends on the interaction of the two cells. Both cells are equal, need each other and prepare each other for the fusion and the conception.

Do you listen only the NPR or Fox News? Do your friends live only on the same block or in the same neighborhood as you do? Are you aware of the serious water conservation issues faced by people in California or the way that immigration impacts people in Texas or Arizona differently from those living in North Carolina or Idaho? In what ways can we begin to interact more with diverse people and allow them to influence our minds and hearts?

We do not see a race in which one sperm cell arrives first and wins (“survival of the fittest”) and it is not true that the sperm enters or penetrates the egg either, since the cell membranes fuse. So, there is no race and no aggression. The conception (of new future life) is a gradual process.

While candidates for elective office are in competition with each other, we have to remember that we, the people, are not. Are there racial, ethnic, gender, and financial differences among us? Obviously. Does that necessitate that we are in a competition that ends in winners and losers? No. No. No. There is a survival imperative at work that insists we gradually come back together.

Let’s use the hot energy inspired by the rhetoric of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to force those in power to acknowledge and clearly define the problems to be addressed in order to fulfill the promise of the American experiment with a democratic republic. Let’s be inspired to take aggressive action, within the system, by Chris Murphy, Junior Senator from Connecticut, who challenged his colleagues to end his filibuster by bringing gun control measures up for a vote. Let’s allow Hillary Clinton the opportunity to put her years of experience wrangling in the Senate and negotiating internationally into service for everyone: the wealthy (bankers) and the middle class and less fortunate (families, the aged, disabled). It’s time to give birth to a society that encompasses and serves all of us so that what we have in common is most prominent and our differences are celebrated, not feared. Let’s open up and push persistently and patiently to make this happen.

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