Do You Know A Wunderkind?

Each day I pore through a diverse collection of newsletters, features and podcasts on topics relating to well-being. Here’s one from “STATnews, Reporting from the Frontiers of Health and Medicine”. Reading the outreach below reminds me how uplifting, informative and inspirational it is to keep one’s connections to younger generations vital. Is there a “wunderkind” in your family or circles of connection? There must be – think on it or consider how you can make such a connection happen for yourself.

STAT 2018 Wunderkinds

MONDAY, JUNE 4, 2018 

Some of my favorite STAT stories are our deep profiles of pioneering scientists. We’ve written about legendary virus hunter C.J. PetersAna Claudia Arias, who’s creating the newest generation of medical devices using a printer; Katharina Ribbeck, who is teaching us more about mucus than maybe we ever wanted to know; and so many more.

These scientists are doing incredible things — and we want to find that next generation of biomedical leaders, today. 

This fall, STAT will unveil our second roster of STAT Wunderkinds: the postdocs, residents, and other young scientists who are already doing groundbreaking work — and who will be well worth watching in the years to come.

We need your help. If you know a Wunderkind (or two, or three) please fill out our short nomination form by the June 30 deadline.

We’re scouring North America for the brightest young minds across academia, industry, and the clinic. Please help us find them. Questions? Please see our FAQ. For other information, contact editor Megha Satyanarayana at