Fall for Falls Prevention

My good friends at Mountain Homecare featured footcare in this month’s newsletter. Given that September is “National Fall Prevention Month,” their focus on the bones that literally support our lives is well-timed. It’s difficult to maintain balance and prevent falling if our tendons are tight. Or if we have pressure sores from ill-fitting shoes. Or if neuropathy has taken a toll, making it less possible to feel one’s balance, let alone maintain it. Read on below to learn how you can stand tall throughout life. To read Mountain Homecare‘s full article on “The Importance of Footcare” select this link.

Why is Fall Prevention Important?

Celebrities Who Died of Complications from Falls

  • Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun.
  • Robert Culp, American actor, screenwriter, voice actor, and director, widely known for his work in the I-Spy television series.
  • Ann B. Davis, who played Alice the housekeeper on “The Brady Bunch” television show.
  • Leonard Cohen, a Canadian singer, songwriter, poet, and novelist.
  • Kurt Vonnegut, an American writer whose career spanned over 50 years

How to Stand Up for Yourself

Fall prevention tips from the National Council on Aging.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

One of my best friends says she has but one goal underlying her regular exercise routine: to be able to stand and walk by herself for as long as possible. How about you? Good balance relies on coordination of our feet, core muscles, eyesight and brain. Get it all together now and you’ll be dancing while the motivated or less fortunate are only clapping along.