Human Assets Appreciate

Providing customers with what they need when they need it is such a wise investment that new “just in time” startups arise every day. Coordination of efforts requires teamwork, integrated computer and human systems.

Man or Machine – Make a Wise Investment Decision

Perhaps it’s my human resource development background pushing the lever, but I vote for investing in people. Whatever is spent to purchase or maintain a piece of equipment, even a computer, is money gone. Whatever is spent to enhance human capability is a wise investment, more likely to appreciate over time. I hear this echoed in an AARP blog post from James McClary, a longtime Transportation Manager and Transportation Mobility Management Trainer. His words are below.

“For too long, big transit systems have focused on assets such as vehicles. With Uber and Lyft and other on-demand transportation services as well as advances in technology, the focus is shifting to customers’ needs. The bottom line: mobility managers are a transportation resource with untapped potential.”

What is Mobility Management?

coordination of care is a wise investment

“Mobility managers can help people ‘find a ride’ by connecting them to transportation options in their communities. At the system level, they can also help by participating in coordinated human service public transportation planning and other related efforts. Thy can work for area agencies on aging, transportation departments, veteran’s medical facilities, local nonprofits, and other employers.

Your Community Can Do This

“In an effort to encourage investment in mobility managers, the U.S. Department of Transportation offers communities broad flexibility to tap federal funding sources.” (Why Mobility Managers Can Be Transportation Game Changers”, by  James J. McLary.

Coordinated Services for Aging in Place is a Wise Investment

Even the most well-intentioned people tend to think of older adults as “needy,” a cost to the general population. They think of old age as a disease to be treated. Some speak of a generational conflict emerging about the expensive “burden” that large numbers of seniors will place on younger people.

Today’s older adults are often well-educated, active, nutritionally aware and financially stable. We are an asset, a profit-center, if you will. It’s a wise investment to provide targeted professional support to help seniors age at home. With integrated coordination of healthcare and community services, seniors’ experiences (both personal and professional), dollars, time and energy will continue to enrich the lives of others for an extended period of old age. 

The case example below from describes how care coordination by a primary care physician reduces costs. This is but one model being explored by my group, “We’ve Got Your Back” to coordinate support services for residents within our High Vista Community in Mills River, NC.

in an emergency coordination of care is a wise investment

“In the past decade, accountable care organizations (ACO) and patient-centered medical homes (PCMH) have sprung up with aims to increase care coordination and community resources to help address not only the medical, but also the social determinants of health. With seniors needing and wanting these resources, some senior-focused communities have partnered up with ACOs to improve care and quality of life….

….this model focuses on the primary care provider (PCP) at the helm of patient care, and perhaps with good reason. A recent study of Medicare data found that when PCPs drive care, Medicare spending goes down by 9%. PCP-driven care for seniors also resulted in fewer hospitalizations, lower outpatient costs, and lower mortality rates.” (Seniors Need, And Want, Better Care Coordination, by Melissa K Palardy)

Coordination of medical and non-medical services helps extend the period of time older adults can remain safe, well and engaged in their communities. How can this not be a wise investment?

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