I Can Hear a Heartbeat

It’s been a week of ultra-cold weather and I spent about four of them flat on my back due to one wrong twist and lift move, but no matter. After being more gentle with myself and visiting the chiro, I have been able to assess the responses to my “what title should I choose” survey. And the winner is:


The final formatting for e-reader and print is done. All that’s left before I can “send the manuscript to the publisher” is to receive the cover art from my book designer, laid out to print specifications. I’ve authored books before and even self-published the old fashioned print way in the past. But, honestly, gestating an e-book has been more daunting and laborious than I thought it would be. And seeing it take shape, just shy of going forth in the world, well, this must be what every parent feels at the sight of their baby’s first sonogram. It’s real! It’s happening!