Keep The Faith


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These are the keys to overcoming difficulties. I learned this–not when I was dieing–but, surprisingly, when I was already months into the post-transplant recuperation process. Only my liver had been transplanted, and though that miracle ultimately meant major improvements in my overall health, the physical transition from frail to hale was slow. The evolution away from my type-A personality was just as slow.

Struggling with my desire to immediately bounce back to “normal” (whatever that means) just pushed me into depression. It was a counter productive energy drain. So this mantra: courage, optimism, patience, and grace came to me in meditation, and I rely on it to this day.

The first three of these blessings we already possess. They simply require conscientious practice to grow stronger. The fourth is also always available, but accessible in a different way.

I think of Grace sometimes as “synchronicity,” the benevolent power of the universe helping us along our rightful path, even when our foggy ego is not seeing the way clearly. Grace doesn’t require anything more from us than opening our awareness and accepting that we are not, in fact, ever alone.

  • When have you felt the presence of Grace in your life?
  • Please share a personal affirmation you use to bolster your own courage.
  • What does optimism look like in everyday life?