Love is In The Air

There’s a Valentine’s Day buzz in the air. Here are the stats on this crazy (IMHO) holiday. Apparently the folks at had no interest in researching how many people (of all ages, male and female, in or not in a “serious” relationship) dislike the holiday and wish it would be wiped off the calendar. I wish they’d asked me. Bah-Love-Bug.

Where and when did a single day devoted to honoring love originate? No one knows for sure, various stories about three martyred Catholic Saints named Valentine have been put forth; or maybe it was somehow due to a priest who served in third century Rome; or maybe it was created to “Christianize” a Pagan fertility festival that was celebrated in February. Lots more possibilities at

I don’t dislike Love; I’m a big fan of both the platonic and carnal practices. I just get steamed up about media hype pressuring folks to celebrate this significant emotion once a year through the delivery of trivial notes, frantic-last minute gift purchases, or extravagant dinner reservations.

Whoever, wherever you are, if you are reading this please know that I, for one, love you. Your presence in my world matters to me. Today and everyday, you are lovable. My way of sharing some loving moments with you, dear reader, is by offering these positive treats for your mind, a feast of good vibes for your eyes, and some items to tickle your funny bone. I hope you’ll stay connected and share of yourself again and again.

Pucker Up 270-107

True Friendship is the Foundation of Lasting Love.
Girlfriend Love, One of the Best Kinds.


love token
Love can be found everywhere in nature.
just holding hands
Loving Touch Heals.
still cruisin
Love gets better as it ages.

love life-bob_marley_quotes

 The Science of Kissing – A Brief Video

The video takes a while to load – wait for it.

love-same sex


love-same sex-marlan

Love takes many forms, but always has the same positive effect on the world.


supporting each other

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