Monday Morning Gratitude

Rose and Lavender Sunrise

So much to be thankful for:

A rose and lavender sunrise that called me out of the house in my bathrobe. Well worth the stroll. The spectacular sight reminded me of the morning I awoke from transplant surgery at the Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia University Medical Center.The very first thing my eyes took in that morning was the sparkling skyscrapers on the Jersey Heights across the Hudson River, reflecting the sun rising over Manhattan to the east. “This could not be a coincidence,” I thought, “God has awakened me to my new life at the exact beginning of this new day.” Every day is our first and only day, isn’t it?

A sunrise walk with my best friend and life partner, Michael, an effervescent neighbor James, and a happy pup, Chelsea. A great way to start the day, any day.

My soon-to-be 90 year old mother fighting off an infection in her arm and going home after a week in the hospital, seemingly not very debilitated by spending so much time in bed. She’s one hardy, easy-going woman. More Zen than I will ever be. I am so lucky to have her DNA and her role model shaping my life.

My caring and competent brother who is Mom’s primary caregiver, manages her aides, takes care of her home, and keeps her well-fed and entertained. It is so rare for a son to step into such a role. He says he feels fortunate to have this time together with Mom in her “Golden Years.” I feel awed by the way he combines pushing her when needed and accepting her as she is, directing and encouraging, being physically strong and being physically gentle, taking care of her and managing his own life (and a full time job to boot.) Which leaves me, hundreds of miles away, comfortable about both of them, responsible only for taking care of the finances and paperwork that keeps their household running smoothly. I am so lucky he is who he is.

A neighbor across the street who calls to say, “Come for dinner tonight.” An afternoon appointment for orientation at a new gym. A fresh watercolor completed yesterday after a four month hiatus from art while I formatted my book for publication. A haircut scheduled for tomorrow. So much to be grateful for, and more to look forward to.