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Tips and Inspiration for Smooth Transitions Through Life

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a rough sketch of sharon lamhut willen

What’s Good About Growing Old?

Twelve years ago today I received a healthy liver transplanted from the cadaver of a 70 year old Staten Island woman. I will be thankful forever to her and her family for the gift of life. You can read my story in its entirety – it’s a tale of many miracles. I am thankful to be growing old. According to the LifeSpan […]

Window Wonderland

Build Community Ties and Keep Them

To build community among our neighbors we have to get people to come out and mix it up. The best communities are those where people recognize each other. Sometimes we know one another’s faces, but that’s all. We may nod and smile seeing those faces, and still not know their names nor anything about them. Here’s one super way to encourage […]

Up late or too early?

How to Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Early to bed….so what if you find yourself a victim of aging insomnia? Still awake or awake again an hour and a half after getting into bed? Honestly, I find just as many of my friends complaining about poor quality of sleep as complaining about rising healthcare costs. Below is a brief overview of facts about sleep and a couple […]

Don’t Leave Your Future to Chance

Take Care of Your Physical, Mental & Financial Well-Being Did you know that many people pay too much for Medigap Supplementary and Medicare Part D prescription policies simply because they don’t take the time to visit  between October 15 and December 7 each year? Deductibles go up and down, premiums vary, formularies change. Most people can change providers annually. To […]

Yes, And…

My greatest distress at the moment is feeling that our society’s trajectory is toward the dark side with momentum giving advantage to the lowest, least compassionate, most chaotic and dangerous of attitudes and behaviors. Fear, is only one of the many reactions which trigger anger, and I find myself disabled by them all. What Triggers Anger? Disappointment – Hell yes, […]

Six Ways To Take Control of the Aging Process

We live in a world where everything is changing increasingly quickly. And on top of that we notice the accelerating appearance of personal change: grey hairs, wrinkles, age spots, and the disappearance of agility, flexibility, memory, and friends. We can easily feel that everything in life is beyond our control. It’s unfortunate that so many people seek ways to deny aging, […]