Inequality in healthcare is shocking.

Age at Home-Is it a Right? Part I

This week Bernie Sanders apparently tweeted, “Home-based Care Should be a Guaranteed Right.” I say, the right to age at home comes with responsibilities. That means taking a clear-headed look at the realities of long life right now. And using the combined influence of our generation to change the ageist, classist culture around us years before we need extra care […]

Growing Up, Growing Older, Growing Wise

No one can stay a child forever, and we all grow older. However, growing wise isn’t a given, but it is our birthright and potential. Embracing this is especially relevant right now to anyone 55+ years of age. Knowledge – facts, information and skills acquired through experience or education; theoretical or practical understanding. Wisdom –  the state of having or showing […]

Red face back to back with blue face

Personal Renewal: You Can Do This

It’s Never Too Late. Neuroscientists speak of brain plasticity. Happily, their growing research shows that personal renewal is absolutely do-able at all ages. We don’t need to become slugs in body or spirit as we reach and move through middle age. I recall my annoyance when my 60-something dad wasn’t willing to embrace the anti-war movement during the Viet Nam era. Now […]

Take a Stand Against Falls

Four Life Hacks to Stay Independent

Actuaries predict that one of four adults now over 65 will live to be 90. You probably choose to be not just among the living, but also to stay independent. I’m with you all the way. At 90 and beyond I want to be safe, well and engaged in as full a life as I have today. Stay Independent; Avoid Falls […]

Sharon Willen's watercolor, "Light Play in the Mountains"

Naturally Inspired

I find myself naturally-inspired to write and make art by the impact of the world outside. Those sights and sounds stir up the swamp waters within. However I’m not comfortable painting “en plein air” – the breeze and sun challenge the fluidity of my watercolor mixtures and the pollen and bugs distract attention from my strokes. Thus on a recent […]

Old Man jumping for joy

I’m Happy to Be Old

When the cashier at the food market asked if she was eligible for a senior discount, the woman ahead of me answered, “Unfortunately yes.” As I stepped up for my turn to pay, I said, “I’m happy to be old, and I’ll happily take your wisdom discount.” That’s what they call it, and that’s how I feel. This post isn’t […]