Enter to Win

Hallelujah! My book is complete–except for one thing. I can’t make up my mind about a final title. So I decided to “poll the audience.” By completing the very brief survey at the end of this post, you will help create publishing history, and you’ll be entered automatically into a drawing for a free, signed copy of the book when […]

Always Believe In Miracles

When I was a teenager I decided to attend a Rabbi’s study group at our synagogue to learn more about my Jewish religion. I remember being the youngest of all the participants and feeling both happy to be proving myself so “mature” and nervous about joining in the discussion. The one time I did speak up was when we were […]

Sunrise over Chestnut Ridge

Monday Morning Gratitude

So much to be thankful for: A rose and lavender sunrise that called me out of the house in my bathrobe. Well worth the stroll. The spectacular sight reminded me of the morning I awoke from transplant surgery at the Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia University Medical Center.The very first thing my eyes took […]

Let Yourself Go!

This original collage I put together includes a photo from Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance publicity for last season’s incredible “Reborn” ballet. Terpsicorps artistic director, Heather Maloy, and her troupe always make me want to get up and move, fly, go, go, go. Credit: Reborn-ZaireKaczPhotography-2013.jpg

Oh Baby It’s Cold Outside

I like the opportunity winter provides to hibernate. Cold and snow – good excuses to sit and read, or play with crafts, or clean the closets (heaven forbid.) Or in my case, keep plugging away at formatting my book for upload to Amazon. I think it’s almost there, but that’s what I’ve said just about every evening for the past […]