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Life Transitions, but How Old is “Old”?

When do we officially become “old”? I know almost no one who has passed multiple life transitions who will admit to having reached old age. On the time line of life, we all travel from birth to death. That’s an unbreakable rule. However between those points, the time line is a slide rule. When are we no longer children? And when […]

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Released From the Hospital – Now What?

Family caregiving after a loved one’s release from the hospital can be stressful. It can be less challenging if you are prepared before you take the ride home. My friend Stan is an active 72 year old. Usually he’s at the gym four days a week, hiking, or making repairs in and around his home. That is, until surgery to […]

Use your money and your voting power wisely.

Two Ways to Disrupt Aging

We know that people have different needs at each stage of life. Overall, humans move from being very dependent beings to independence and then a turn toward relying more on help from others again. Therefore, we see a growing urgency to disrupt aging policies and procedures to more effectively use existing resources serving the aged and disabled. Very Different Goals […]

Why think of the postal service when it comes to healthcare?

Thinking Outside the Box

Social isolation is more dangerous for older adults than smoking 15 cigarettes per week. Why? When an older person is isolated that person is more likely to eat poorly, suffer from depression, neglect to take medication as prescribed, attempt to relieve loneliness using alcohol or drugs, suffer complications from lack of follow-up on a fall or illness Who’s Walking In […]

A Twist on Homesharing

In the past intergenerational homesharing was a natural occurrence. Grandma lived with the extended family. Today mother, child, grandchildren rarely share the same abode. Instead, many of us live miles and hours from our closest relatives. This feature from AARP, “Why Some Students Are Living Like Retirees”, offers a new twist on the age old model of intergenerational homesharing. Why […]

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Seniors Aging In Place Have Unmet Needs

Finally, someone with a national voice is speaking out for “my people.” You and I, presently self-sufficient, older adults aging at home. I’ve been active on Buncombe County’s Aging Plan Committee and the regional Aging Coordinating Consortium. I find the attention of both groups drawn to the rural frail and poorest among us. Although I understand these currently pressing priorities, […]