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2020: Feel the Ebb and Flow of Life

art forms & informs

Two artists, one male, one female; one living, one passed on. Different media; a common thread. There's more to art than meets the eye. There's more to life than the usual grind.


From M.C. Richards, Poet & Potter, 1916-99

In centering the clay on the potter’s wheel, one centers down, yes, and then one immediately centers up! Down and up, wide and narrow, letting focus bear within it an expanded consciousness and letting a widened awareness have the commitment to detail of a focused attention. Not “either… or,” but “both… and.” You can perhaps feel the inner movement of a Centering consciousness that plays dynamically in the tides of inner and outer, self and other, in an instinctive hope toward wholeness. (click on the photo to the right to read more; in BrainPickings, Jan. 5, 2020.)


From stephen berry, watercolorist

The act of painting is not always, but can be sometimes be, a testament to holiness. At its best, the art-object is a record of awareness and being. But more importantly, it’s an experience to undergo. When we paint, we hone ourselves. We practice the art of paying attention. Like praying or meditating, it is not for sale.  Like a top, we spin, generating in the act of painting the energy with which we fuel ourselves.  Even when I find a painting unsuccessful, when when my marks do not clearly represent what I am experiencing, I still enjoy the act of painting. The painting is what remains after we’ve completed the act of creation, to stare back at us, like shells washed up on a beach. Sometimes we collect beautiful shells, but we experience waves. (Click on the photo of "Davenport Beach Stroll," to the left, to access Stephen's marvelous gallery.)