Putting 2018 To Rest


January is the perfect time to make new year’s resolutions and to organize yourself for filing 2018 income tax returns. Making new year’s resolutions is easy, mainly because we make and break the same ones every year. However, in 2018 there was a major tax revision act. That leaves many of us wondering whether to itemize deductions as we’ve done in the past or simply take the enhanced “standard deduction.” Here’s an excellent feature on medical and care deductions from TaxAct.Blog. (TaxAct is an “affordable digital and download tax preparation solutions for individuals, business owners and tax professionals.”)

Calculating deductions

Coping with the Cost of Care: Often-Overlooked Tax Deductions and Tips for Seniors and Their Families


“Resolution” – Such an ironic word. The definition involves “firmness of purpose”, but the root is from “resolvere ‘loosen, release’.” Actually the word and its root are a great match for a Pisces like me. I can always see both sides of any argument and my New Year resolutions are likewise bifurcated. I am firmly determined to devote more time to my non-verbal creative endeavors (drawing, painting, collage, even sewing). And I’m equally firm on my intention to release the inner critic that drives me to the laundry, the food market or my laptop instead of into my art studio. I envision my personal art style loosening up – less detailed, less precise. More interpretive, more expressive. My New Year’s resolution is to keep the best of 2018 in mind as I follow my heart into 2019. (Oh and, of course, get those drawers of medical receipts and travel records in good order so I can release them as soon as possible to our tax accountant.)

Happy New Year