Reaching Your Peak



My plan this morning was to avoid electronics, so I brought a book and a print newsletter with me to the breakfast table. The first article to catch my attention in the AARP Bulletin was a feature interview with Arianna Huffington by Deidre Donahue. Ironic that her second interview question evoked this advice from the woman who is a pioneer of online 24/7 news, “Your smartphone isn’t making you wiser” – basically, same conclusion I had come to myself this morning – “unplug.”

And yet, here I am at a keyboard to share the following quote, which also echos my own deeply held belief.

I believe that everybody is creative. Everybody as a child, if you look around, has that gift to express, whether through writing, through thinking, just simply through being with people fully present. I think if we take those gifts and apply them throughout our lives, it will make a big difference. – Arianna Huffington

I’m about to move upstairs to my easel and watercolor palette, taking time to make art this morning before preparing chicken soup with matzoh balls this afternoon for Passover Seder Monday evening. But first I had to plug in so I could pass along Arianna’s wisdom and leave you with my version of the same sentiments:

The greatest success and satisfaction in life come from sharing the best of yourself with others.- Sharon Lamhut Willen

Go, my friends, step away from the virtual and share your wonderful self with the glorious, sentient real world this weekend. Enjoy!