Resolve to Do It Yourself

I’ve had some bouts of vertigo lately. It was room-spinning serious at first, but has subsided into an intermittent tipsy-ness. As a result, I’ve begun to pay the kind of attention to my footing and the road ahead that should have been my regular practice anyway. In my head I’m still thirty-something; my body knows otherwise.

Seasonal changes and the Jewish High Holidays give me pause to think. How might I do better with myself and for the world in the months to come? I am blessed with good health, loving family and friends, a safe home and a full belly. And yet the world just beyond my reach seems to be chaotically loosened from “the natural order” and “the way it’s always been”. Where is the soundest direction to place my next step? Truth, reality, morality, weather, history, science…standards that seemed sturdy handholds are revealed to be at best ephemeral, at worst manipulative tools. Rather than slide into a state of apathetic disillusionment, I take this moment to renegotiate my relationship to self and the omnipotent forces of the universe outside of my capacity to grasp. When you turn the corner and run into yourself, that is responsibility.

Regular Practices I Will Strengthen

  • Breathe deeply through dizziness and disillusionment
  • Use art as my support in transitional times
  • Vote in national and local elections and through my purchases and subscriptions
  • Listen to people with the same peaceful heart as I listen to the birds
  • Speak in a clear voice, confident that others appreciate my perspective
  • Be a community builder through play as well as purpose
  • Meditate daily – quiet time to clear the system
  • Adhere to my own beacons: courage, optimism, patience and Grace

A season ends; a new one begins. There’s still time. No matter what season of life we’re in, there’s still time. There is a saying, “If we wait for the government, it will be too little, too late. If we try to do it alone, it will be too little. If we do what needs doing together, it may be just enough, just in time.” What do you have in you to make a difference?