The Key to Successful Time Travel

(The Years Between “Go Go” – “Go Slow” – “No Go”)

This transition can happen slowly or suddenly – at any age. It can also be filled with turbulence unless you’re prepared for the journey. If you or a loved one are hoping to stay active in the community while aging independently at home (rather than relocating to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility), you need to be prepared.

I’ve learned lots of lessons from my own near death experience (which emulated the aging process) and even more from my Mom, Toby Lamhut. Mom’s three priorities helped her live every day with a smile and die securely and comfortably at home at age 92. Home, Health, and Heart – That’s the Ticket!

Me and My Mom
Me and My Mom

I offer individual consultation and group programs for

people too young to worry about growing old, but mature enough to prepare.

How Mature Are You?

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 Toby’s Trio for Successful Time Travel


 Make adaptations for safety and accessibility


Do what you can for yourself and be aware of appropriate support services


Reinforce your spiritual and community connections


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