Solstice Meditation

A Wise Woman Once Said To Me

Be in your spirit place,

Don’t measure; Just listen,

Accept what is – and move on.

Today we mark a turning from shrinking days into growing light. If you’ve been dwelling in a place that was shuttered, confusing, or without warmth – for whatever reason; accept that a pause to breathe deeply and take stock is a necessary interlude between what is and what may be.

Though so many recent turns, both natural and human-initiated, seem threatening–I recognize how much favors me at this moment. I celebrate this with a gratitude cloud (scroll down) and invite you to do the same. I wish you a peaceful solstice moment to look for the light within, so you can once again share the best of yourself with others. That’s where hope begins. Namaste.

Winter is the best time

to find out who you are.

Quiet, contemplation time,

away from the rushing world.

Cold time, dark time, holed-up,

pulled-in time and space.

Now you get to review

your inner landscape.

The light, warm, vital life within.


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