Stay in Touch

Mom lives in New York, at least a day’s trip by air from my home, most often a two day journey by car. It’s just not possible to be in the same room with her as often as I’d like. I’m always on the lookout for ways to connect between visits, beyond my daily phone calls and intermittent Skype visits. Waiting at a reception desk last Tuesday, I spotted a clever gift strategy that I had to act on.

A petal-shaped green glass vase sat just to the left of the receptionist’s computer monitor. At the bottom of the vase, opalescent glass beads anchored three narrow pens in place, point down. Atop each pen, some crafty friend ( I imagined) had clumsily taped a brightly colored artificial flower head – one orange dahlia, two yellow daisies. Oila, a  perky little utilitarian desktop garden! Too cute.

~ Here’s my version ~

Step One – Assemble the parts. I bought one ten pack of Bic colored pens and two artificial flower sprays, which I knew could be separated into separate, shorter stalks. Then I turned to my hoarder-inclined craft closet and pulled out the green wire I’ve been keeping since, hmmm, making sweet sixteen corsages? I knew I’d use it sometime. I also found a multi-striped, square gift box, just a tad narrower than a small green styrofoam block no self-respecting environmentalist could possibly have thrown into the trash.

Pretty Pen Holder_1822


Step Two – Separate the flower fronds

Pretty Pen Holder_1823

And use the wire to attach one to each of the pens.

Pretty Pen Holder_1827


Trim and insert the green foam into the striped jewelry box…

Pretty Pen Holder_1828 And insert the pens to form the garden of inkly delights.I

Pretty Pen Holder_1829I made sure the rough ends of the wires were tucked out of harm’s way and applied a dab of super-glue to assure the wire spirals would not move with use. Then I pulled the pens out of the foam to protect the flowers and tissue wrapped the pens and box separately for safety in transit before, finally, placing them together with simple instructions into a protective cardboard shipping carton. I trust Mom will enjoy having new creative tools in a handy centerpiece on the table where she spends much of her time doodling in sketch and picture books my brother gives her.

Pretty Pen Holder_1830


Step one – unwrap pens and box

Step two – insert pens into green foam in the box, point down

Step three – enjoy your creativity garden and send me some pretty pictures!

~ I Love You, Mom ~