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How to Ensure the Time of Your Life

This time of year has not always been the best time for me. Not because summer’s over and the days grow shorter and cooler. It’s more that I’ve experienced the onset of disease and several significant life disruptions in the autumn months. However, in 2006 I experienced the life-saving miracle of a liver transplant. Autumn is my time to reflect […]

Past the Peak

  It’s a beautiful late autumn day on our ridge. What image comes to mind reading those words? Blazing autumn color highlighted by warm Indian summer sunshine perhaps. Not so. While this has been one of the most dramatically colorful and extended fall seasons in Western North Carolina, today the leaves are more brown than bright and a deep mist fills […]

Wisdom from Earth, Sky and Man

I am a donor and subscriber to the Earth Sky News. In today’s issue I found the wise words below, from one of my beloved American philosophers, Walt Whitman. I am possibly as discerning as he seems to have been in my choice of those people I will and won’t allow into my sphere. I have wonderful friends, near and far, […]