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Love is In The Air

There’s a Valentine’s Day buzz in the air. Here are the stats on this crazy (IMHO) holiday. Apparently the folks at had no interest in researching how many people (of all ages, male and female, in or not in a “serious” relationship) dislike the holiday and wish it would be wiped off the calendar. I wish they’d asked me. Bah-Love-Bug. Where and when did a […]

Love Binds Us Forever

I didn’t know why, but last Sunday I was in a blue funk all day. Woke up that way and couldn’t shake it. Mike played golf. I did this and that, trying to distract myself out of the grasp of the dark mood. “Michael,” I said just before dinner. “Can I get a hug?” “Of course, Ma’am, I’m always Willen,” he bantered, […]

What To Do?

From April through the summer, my eighty-nine year old mom seemed to be failing. My brother Josh and I saw distinct changes in her behavior. She was withdrawn, would not interact with family who made special efforts to visit, would not speak to friends when we took her to their home for tea, was sleeping or staring into space at […]