The Inside Moves The Outside

In the golf instruction I took years ago The Inside Moves The Outside referred to the – ping! – success which resulted from allowing the power and torque of your core muscles to radiate out through your limbs and connect to the ball with force and accuracy. Yesterday in a free workshop by Dementia Care Advocate Teepa Snow I saw a whole new application of this principal. 

In people with dementia, what’s going on inside their compromised nervous systems and struggling egos moves them to behave in ways that are difficult to predict and challenging for caregivers to manage. In caregivers, the inner desire to help often couples with a task-based agenda and inner vulnerability resulting in behaviors that create a wall of resistance rather than a positive relationship with the family member or client they mean to support. Teepa Snow shared so much of herself and her vast experience in a thoroughly enjoyable, viscerally-impactful two hours, I can only offer tremendous gratitude to Park Ridge Health and Mountain HomeCare for sponsoring it and Biltmore Church for hosting. If this topic is important to you, it will be well-worth your time to visit Teepa’s generous Website for videos and a very helpful list of resources.