What Happened at The September 22, 2017, Wiser-Together World Cafe?


Location: Overlook Hall, UNCA (made available by NC Center for Health and Wellness Promotion at UNCA)

Host: Sharon Willen, on behalf of Western Mountain Region AARP

Visual Facilitator: Caryn Brownelle Hanna


Topic: Healthy Aging Across the Lifespan


Visual Harvest of our Conversation


Take-Aways From Table Conversations:

  • Core Values
    • People are Interesting
    • Growing Collaboration – Sharing Knowledge
    • Diversity (for collective wisdom) and Innovation are needed to succeed
      • Entrepreneurial community is diverse in age
    • Different mindset
      • Evolve-evolution
      • Self & community
      • Sandwich Generation: energy from conversation; share
      • Seniors: Independent-fulfilled-supported
      • More people living well independently = fewer patients
      • Aging is everyone’s business
      • Old rules no longer apply
    • Innovation
      • It’s OK to be unconventional
        • Creating your own community
      • Assistive Technology:
        • Access to it
        • Demystifying: Resource for community use of technology
        • Consumer Education
      • Venture AVL-innovative businesses generate “age-agnostic” jobs
    • Students Entering the Stanford Design Challenge
      • Focused on prevention – habits
      • Their Current Ideas
        • Diabetic foot sensors
        • Transportation: self-driving cars, “Suber” = Senior Uber
        • MAHEC-Engineering Students – medicine dispensers that help with compliance
      • Their Needs: Mentoring, incubation, FUNding
        • What allows for better conversations across the generations?
          • Listening
          • Respect
  • Design
    • Artistic creation
    • Community creation
    • Start little
    • 100 ideas – start with the easiest
    • Entrepreneurial time: designing systems of collective learning
    • Intimacy vs independence; renewing inter-relationship – a growth process?
  • Wisdom descending through the generations
    • Foster Grandparents
    • After-school programs
    • Hear stories; revere elders
  • Community Connectivity – Community matters a lot!
    • Community is the key to health
      • Social, health, transportation, finance, technology
    • Intergenerational community vs isolation
      • Youngers “get it” more than some elders
      • Need more intergenerational opportunities
      • Multi-age Day Care; multi-age residences
    • “Mobile Mentality” – Appreciation across divides of education, economics, generations
      • Help underserved populations; bridges
      • Which comes first – the mindset shift or the collaborative projects?
    • County growth = growing needs,
      • Change is inevitable, changing needs
      • Octo- & Nono-genarians
      • Proactive
        • Care planning
        • Prevention services
        • Prepare healthcare professionals well
      • Support for Caregivers
        • Challenge: hopes vs reality – Education & Preparation
        • Multi-age Day Care; multi-age residences
        • Family is not a burden when caregiver is well-prepared, well-supported
      • Safety @ Home to Stay @ Home
        • Options –
          • Independence vs community vs warehousing
          • Intentional Community; Aging in Place
            • Dependent? Independent? Interdependent!
          • Fall Prevention

Potential Ongoing Conversation Topics

  • What can we do to support the next generation of caregivers – Western Carolina University Team that is preparing an entry to the 2017 Stanford Longevity Design Challenge
  • How/what can we learn from the successful practices of Junior Achievement and Big Brothers and Big Sisters to reconnect the generations?
  • How do we reach out to people who couldn’t be at the first cafe? Part of making our community age-friendly is ensuring that as people age they can still get to where they need to go and connect with people that make life meaningful.In January, UniteWNC and Code for Asheville will sponsor an event to “hack” our current transportation options, designing possible solutions that are more age-friendly. In preparation for that, October 11, from 9-Noon, at Land of Sky a World Café is being held to help clarify the user voice, the problem(s) to solve, and the desired outcomes from that hackathon. We’ll imagine transportation that works for all people as they age and identify what needs to be included and addressed. Please provide names and contact info for folks whose voice you believe should be heard in that conversation? Respond to marcczarnecki@webtechczar.com